Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today was Reid's third birthday (and Grandpa "Pops" Reid's birthday too!) and we celebrated with a fun-filled day at Churck-E-cheese, playing with LOTS of PRESENTS, eating hot dogs/mac-n-cheese/hamburgers/brownies, and hot-tubbing. Who could ask for more? Grams and Grampy made sure the day was lots of fun, and Aunt Katie and Uncle Tyler were wonderful, as always. Hooray for Reidy-boy! We sure love him and are glad that he came to our family three years ago!
Proud to be three -- he's been showing everyone this number for months!

His new "run bike" -- seems pretty cool, if you ask me. Since he is still too shrimpy for a normal 12" model, I went the scandanavian route and got him one of the pedal-less bikes. I learned all about them on Sesame Street, where Grover's friend from Norway seemed to really like hers. :) We'll see if Reid can really get the hang of it...

Intensely playing at Chuck-E-Cheese

Check out this attitude, when I tell him to smile for the camera. He's just like his Daddy...

Macie loved the pink slide. She's all girl!

Checkin' out his super duper deluxe soccer goal from Grammie and Pops. It's just like the one we couldn't drag him away from at the Discovery Gateway!

Of course, this little hoopster loved the new b-ball hoop from Grams and Grampy. He was really bummed that I made him wait until we got home to Provo to open it up.
What a happy birthday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If it's not too CHEESY...

Well, the cheesy Davis family strikes again! Last night we all got together and helped my little bro Brian ask a girl to prom in the CHEESIEST way possible. It was hillarious! We all dressed up in costumes and went to Janae's (the sweet girl he asked) house, and when she opened the door we burst in with song and dance. Most of us were dressed Mexicans style -- going with our "latin" theme song -- but we also had a lion, Native American, Jamaican, doctor, and cowboy which were part of an inside joke.
So, Janae opened the door and we danced in, with Ricky Martin playing in the background (courtesy of my Dad's iPod). Tyler and Danny were especially vigorous with the maraca shaking, I was getting down with some serious shimmying, and even Macie and Davis were feelin' the rhythm. When the chorus hit, we all sang "Go! Go! Go! With Brian on a Date! Go! Go! Go! It's gonna be real great! Go! Go! Go! With Brian on a date! Go! Go! Go! Won't keep you out too late!" Then we presented Janae with a bag of beans, hot sauce, and chips which read "Janae, I BEAN thinking you be a HOT date for de prom. If it's not too CORNY, you go wit me, OK?"
Hopefully she won't think it's too corny, or cheesy, and she'll answer with a creative "YES!"
Here we are, "CHEESING" it up for the camera in Grams and Grampy's pool, as we celebrated Tyler's birthday earlier in the day, and before our "CHEESY" dance number.

Our FHE installment for tonight will be short and sweet, since I've already updated the blog two other times today. We had our Gunnell family FHE yesterday, anyway, since Danny is back in Utah for his 100 mile Moab bike ride and the kids and I are here until Thursday.
DAVIS - Gladys Knight said he has great lungs and he looks sharp. See previous blog.
REID - Made it through the whole car ride to Las Vegas without crying or whining once. A huge hip-hip-hooray for that one!
MACIE - Also made the drive without whining. Passed off two new books in one week (her pre-school reading assignments. We are so proud of our little smarty-pants!).
ME - Packed the family and got us all ready to leave Provo at a reasonable hour. Prepared fun activities for each day of "EASTER WEEK" -- so that the kids can celebrate the last week of Christ's life.
DANNY - Sold another 7.5% of Keystone! (Whoo-hoo! I'm really celebrating this, since we had a lot of our own money invested in that one!) Mowed Grams and Grampy's lawn. Saw his first ever Las Vegas show!

We discussed President Boyd K. Packer's talk, The Weak and Simple of the Church. The kids really seemed to like it, especially when I related the writings of Paul (when he speaks of the body, asking which parts are the most important). We had lots of fave quotes, but the one we choose to publish is "In the service of the Lord, it is not where you serve but how." Hope you enjoy it too!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Future American Idol???

I'm just letting you all know, way in advance here, that we may have an American Idol on our hands. Yep, you guessed it, at the young age of 10 months, our little Davis was discovered by Gladys Knight. You see, she lives in my parents stake, and she was at church with us yesterday. I'm not sure exactly why, but she was in their ward, sitting 2 rows behind me in sacrament meeting and making lots of comments in Relief Society. Naturally, Davis was aware of her star presence and felt inspired to make his star talent known. So, all during Relief Society he proceeded to yell quite loudly so that she might sense his talent potential. After a while of yelling, I felt that it was time to take him into the rest room to change his diaper and give the judges a break (after all, they don't like it if you are TOO pushy in your audition. Let them see what you've got, and leave it at that. None of this 2 or 3 song business...). Anyhow, Gladys decided to join me in the rest room and just happened to say that Davis had "great lungs." I'm sure that she meant that he has a future of vocal stardom, and not just that he is an obnoxiously loud baby. I could tell this because of the inflection in her voice as she said that he had "great lungs," and also by her later comment that he "looked sharp." We all know that appearance IS a HUGE factor in the American Idol competition. So, now that he is destined for greatness, I just thought I would let you all know. And, by the way, I think Gladys Knight is a SUPER NICE lady. :)
Here is a little video clip of Davis squaking after church. Enjoy!

True Blue, Through and Through...

So, we came down to Las Vegas for the MWC Basketball Tournament (Naturally. After all, I married the biggest BYU fan EVER!), and we had a blast the first two games cheering for the good ol' cougs. My sister Katie and bro-in-law Tyler came and cheered with us for the first game against Colorado, and then my parents joined us in cheering for the San Diego State and UNLV games. Our third game against UNLV was a rough one, and I can't say that I didn't leave the Thomas & Mack without hard feelings. Those UNLV fans are RUDE. Extremely. But what can you do? I hope we bury them next year. Kill them. Make them wish they had never seen a basketball. If you can't tell, I am still feeling a little bitter. :)
Anyway... Tyler arranged things for us so that BYU blue wasn't our only "blue" Vegas experience. He hired us for a night to work for the wedding chapel ("The Little Chapel of the Flowers" -- he is co-owner of this super cool little business right on Las Vegas Blvd. He and Katie are actually living there right now!) so that we could join with them in attending "The Blue Man Group" on Thursday night (Unfortunately, he had to fire us Donald Trump style after the show was over...). It was Danny's first Vegas show, and he really enjoyed it. Katie and I had both been before, but we found it as entertaining (and as odd and unusual) as ever. :) Before the show we had a chance to visit Madame Tussad's (at the Venetian) -- the super coolest wax museum on the planet. Seriously. Very very cool. I'd wanted to go before, but it is outrageously expensive. Props to Tyler for scoring us some free tickets! Here we are hob-nobbing with all of our new famous friends.

Danny and the blue men

Katie is interviewed by Oprah

Ben Affleck and Tyler play poker

I'm hangin' out with Tupac

I gave Tiger Woods some golf advice (I am quite good, you know...)

Danny thought the lie was different

Smile with the strange blue man

Monday, March 10, 2008

Family Fun

So, here is our first little FHE installment...

Little Reid, our hard-worker out in the garden. Nice boots. :)
Pizza-faced Macie and Reid show how much they enjoyed their dinner tonight!

Davis - His top teeth are growing closer together, so he looks less like a hippo. Hooray!
Reid - He went to the store! Hooray! (We went birthday shopping for his big #3 at Toys-R-Us today. He is still too small for the smallest bike. Poor little shrimpy boy. But he did like the scooters, nerf guns, legos, Diego computer game, automated baseball pitcher, basketball hoop, and cash register -- so I think we'll be able to think of another good present for him.)
Macie - She made a snake at preschool (expert scizzor-cutting skills required). Hooray! And she recovered from Strep throat (as did Reid).
Mary - Almost finished painting the Manti temple for Grammie (Danny's mom). Prepped the garden for carrots (which I will plant tomorrow, hopefully!). Did a stellar job taking care of kids with Strep. Hooray -- double hooray that they are better!
Danny - Hired a CFO for Liberty Pioneer. Rototilled the garden (a huge Hooray for that one!). Took the scouts on an awesome campout this weekend (if you call staying at a cabin in Midway a "campout"). And, researched and purchased a state-of-the-art security system for our home! Now (hopefully) people will stop robbing us! Hooray!

And the lesson for the night was on Elder Enrique R. Falabella's talk, "Why Are We Members of the Only True Church?" The quote for the week is:
"...we headed down an avenue at the end of which we could see the house of the Lord, gleaming and beautiful. I remember the joy which filled our hearts; we all broke out in songs and praising, and tears ran down the cheeks of many Saints.
Later in the temple, we knelt as a family to hear the beautiful promises about an eternal family, with the certainty that our mother, though absent, was now our mother forever, and we felt the peace which comes from knowing that we are an eternal family."

We loved many things about this talk, but as we studied it again tonight, Danny and I both remembered how touched we were during conference when Elder Falabella spoke of this temple experience and the eternal blessings we've been given! We love this family and we love this gospel!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


So, our latest and greatest FHE activity has been reading a conference talk each week and trying to apply it to our lives. Danny and I used to do this when we didn't have any kids, but once Macie entered the picture we fell off the Conference-for-FHE-bandwagon (our little kids + long conference talks = disaster). Most of our family home evenings with the kids have consisted of MANY MANY songs, a VERY SHORT lesson (usually a picture from the gospel art kit, or a story from The Friend magazine), and ACCOMPLISHMENTS (to be discussed later in this blog).
Well, just before President Hinckley died, one of my friends from book club (thanks, Clarinne!) asked all of us if we knew what President Hinckley had asked us to do during the last conference. I realized that I didn't know, and made a silent goal to find out the next day. What I read (President Hinckley's last conference admonition) was this: "We encourage you again to read the talks in your family home evenings and discuss them together as families." So, the very next FHE we started! And (a little surprisingly) it's been easier and more enjoyable that I thought it would be. No more kids + conference = disaster!
Well, a couple of weeks ago we read President Eyring's talk, the one where he had the prompting "I'm not giving you these experiences for yourself. Write them down." And we talked about keeping a family journal (ie -- our blog) to record the special things that were happening in our lives. So, here's our first real attempt at our "weekly" journaling. Here's our format for these FHE entries:
1- list our ACCOMPLISHMENTS for the week: we each take a turn to share with the family the best/most exciting/most rewarding/amazing things that have happened to us during the week. Just to warn you ahead of time, Reid always says that his weekly accomplishment was "I played fun games."
2- list our favorite quote from the conference talk we studied that week.
3- list any other fun stories or going-ons in the Gunnell family.
How's that for a star-studded line-up? We'll start tomorrow. Ka-chow!

And, in case you were wondering, our favorite quote from President Eyring's talk "O Remember, Remember" was:
"As I would cast my mind over the day, I would see evidence of what God had done for one of us that I had not recognized in the busy moments of the day. As that happened, and it happened often, I realized that trying to remember had allowed God to show me what He had done."

Monday, March 03, 2008

My Little Bookworms

So, my kids are like me and they love to read (I am a SERIOUS bibliophile). Every night at bedtime we have a routine straight out of the pages of OLIVIA:

Macie: Mommy, how many books can we read tonight?
Me: Two.
Macie: No, Mommy. Five!
Reid: Five!
Me: No. It's already past your bedtime. Just 2.
Reid: Two!
Macie: Mommy, please five. Five short ones?
Reid: Five!
Me: Alright. Three. But that's it!
Macie: Whoo-hoo! Three books!
Reid: Whoo-hoo! Three books!

Anyway, the only thing they love more than reading books is making messes with books (naturally). So, I wasn't too surprised when I came into the boys' room this morning and found Davis reveling in the same activity that his siblings have found so much pleasure in. There is nothing quite as fun as taking all of the books out of the bookcase and making a huge messy pile of them!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

"Daddy, I need a quarter ... fix my puter."

So... as I said in my last blog, our computer has been broken for a while. We lost the internet, the desktop froze, and finally the DVD-R broke down. Well, after leaving it at the shop for a few weeks (they said it would just be 48 hours... yeah, right) we brought it home and found that the DVD drive still didn't work. I tried everything to pry it open, but even an expert paper-clipper like myself could not get it to pop. Finally, we decided to just buy a new DVD drive and have Danny's brother Brad install it (Brad is much smarter than we are when it comes to things like that... well, actually, he is much smarter than us when it comes to just about everything...). Anyway, Brad was taking the old DVD-R out of the computer while Danny and I were watching his brillance, and Reid was playing on his "kids computer" (my old desktop from BYU). Just as Brad removed the drive, shook it and said "I think I know what the problem was..." (change started falling out of the drive -- mostly quarters) , Reid ran up to Danny and said, "Daddy, I need a quarter to fix my puter. It's broken!" Ah-hah! Apparantly, Reid thought that our computer worked like the games at Chuck-E-Cheese (his favorite place in the whole world), and he'd been inserting quarters to get the "puter" games to work. After we had a little lesson on "Never, never, never put money into our computer, ever," we are hoping that we won't have any more problems. Reid is actually an incredibly smart little guy, despite putting money into the computer. He figured out our TV system all on his own (we have 3 remotes, and we've never taught him how to use them), and we often find him sneaking downstairs to put on a DVD all by himself.