Monday, November 06, 2006

BYU and Fall Fun!

Macie shows me how to ride a pony up at Gardner Village, Reid tries on Daddy's old boots while brushing his teeth (he LOVES shoes), and the family enjoys some football time!

Halloween Fun!

Macie performs at her dance class in costume, our whole family shows our Halloween spirit with our BYU and Curious George themed costumes, and the Gunnell siblings get together for some pumpkin carving fun!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Bigger" News

Well, it's late Sunday night, but I am faithfully doing my duty to update our little blog. Our lives here in Provo seem to be moving like a whirlwind, but we honestly don't have much new news. Our one bit of "big news", of course, is the fact that I am getting bigger. (I am expecting baby number three, due May 8th.) I'm 14 weeks along and feeling gross, as most expecting mothers do. I'm hoping to be out of the yucky stage soon! Macie insists that the baby is going to be a girl and that we name her "Leafy Palm Tree". Sorry to anyone who might've suspected but who wasn't "formally" informed -- we held off on announcing until my birthday a few weeks ago.
I've continued to stay busy as the Republican precinct chairperson, and anxiously await November 8th, when the elections are all over for a little while. I sure hope that the voting goes well nationally -- I'm actually pretty concerned this time. Unfortunately, our Republican candidates here in Utah county aren't anything to really brag about, but they are better than the alternatives. Maybe I'll run myself in a couple of years, when the kiddies are grown? Who knows.
Macie is now potty trained, which is a major accomplishment for the whole family. We had a party and called almost everyone we knew. Macie is also loving her dance and gymnastics classes, and delighted us at her recent Halloween recital. She was allowed to wear her costume, which, appropriately for our family, was a BYU Cheerleader Uniform. I matched her, as football player #1 (Fui Vakapuna), and Reid and Danny went as Curious George and "the man in the yellow hat". They were such a good lookin' pair -- Reid, with his huge monkey grin and Danny, in his tight yellow pants. We collected WAY TOO MUCH CANDY. If you visit us in Provo, we will send some home with you.
Reid, although only 19 months old, has now learned how to swim. We signed him up for these infant swim lessons with his cousin Katelyn, and now he can jump in and swim to the other side of the pool by himself. He wears these mini flippers and just kicks his way across, face in the water, eyes open and all. I call him my little fishy, and he loves it. He hasn't yet learned how to take breaths yet, so still not a safe idea to go swimming without mom, but a great start! We are proud of him.
We've continued to cheer on the cougars, as our family is TRUE BLUE, THROUGH AND THROUGH. Four and 1/2 years of marriage, and the kids and I haven't missed going to a game with Daddy. That's dedication, if you ask me. Saturday morning Danny signed an oil deal with a member of Notre Dame's Board of Regents, so I've been informed that we will now be traveling to South Bend for every BYU game there in the future, as well! A dream come true, I'm sure. :) I am happy to report that Danny's company is having success and that we've had a nice little travel-free spell with him. It is so much more fun when Daddy is home.

We love you all and hope that all is well! Can't wait to hear what your families are up to!
The Gunnells
Mary, Danny, Macie, Reid, and "Leafy"