Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Party Animals

 Well, another crazy month has come and gone -- full of fun, family, & friends. Time continues to fly -- and we've been busy partying here in Provo! Here's some of the April highlights:

Cosmo's Easter Egg Hunt
Danny and Harlin (a little friend from our ward) smile in eager anticipation! Candy!
Danny J grabs some yummy sugary goodness down on the field. LaVell Edwards Stadium was PACKED!
 We took the whole family down to LaVell Edwards Stadium for Cosmo's first annual Easter Egg Hunt, and despite the LARGE crowd, the kids had a blast. The stadium was full of candy-craving kiddos and their parents. Kind-of a madhouse, but we still left happy. I think everyone from Provo came -- and I even saw some Ute fans there. :)

Davis collected the most candy of all the Gunnell kids, because he was smart and started collecting candy before Cosmo blew the whistle to start.  I wasn't sure whether I should be embarassed or proud?! Anyway, thanks to his fast fingers (and all of the quick candy collecting from the other kids) we amassed a huge bowl full of Easter candy, which was, of course, gone in 3 days. :)
I guess you could say that my kids inherited my sweet tooth.
The fam with Cosmo, the candy man!

Party Hearty
The CRAZY kid, blowing out his third set of birthday candles!
 It took me a while, but I finally gave Reid the birthday party he was begging for. We scored a deal at Trafalga and hosted a laser tag birthday party for Reid and his 12 buddies. Danny led the troops into the laser tag arena, where the wild bunch of seven-year olds chanted "Green Smash! Green Smash!" and attacked the much older and bigger teenagers in the arena. Amazingly, these little guys got second place against the teens and adults they competed against! Way to go!
Make a wish!

 A Screaming Good Time
Check out the emotions on the Frog Hopper!
We had such a fun time at Reid's birthday party that we were back at Trafalga the next week, with Spring Break as our excuse. The whole family enjoyed the Frog Hopper, Laser Tag, and Rock Climbing! Can't beat that Pass of All Passes...
Macie REALLY LOVED the rock climbing. She scaled the walls in no time!

Reidy, almost to the top of the giant rock climbing wall

 Danny J Antics
Does anyone want some caramel?
 Danny J is still up to some silliness, as you can see in the picture above. We celebrated Easter dinner with some families in our ward (Danielle and Nancy Tracy, and the Gunters), and enjoyed the lovely weather while eating dessert on the deck. Meanwhile, Danny J was inside the kitchen, serving up a special dessert of his own! We came inside to find caramel on every single paper plate!

Our future missionary proudly poses in his tie and church shoes!
In the picture above, you can see how he got himself ready for church on Sunday. Danny was so proud and adorable -- I sure love this little guy! He is definitely the easiest of the kids to get ready for church... While Davis and Reid hide from me and beg to wear their BYU clothes, Danny is always eager to put on his suit and tie and get his hair done. He loves it when we tell him that he is handsome like a missionary! And he is getting so big, I'm afraid he will be on a mission before I know it!

 Dance Party
Check out these stylin dancers!
So, our little Gunnell family has been known to have regular dance parties. This month was no exception...we just got the camera out this time.  :) I'll spare you the video footage (it may, or may not show my husband twirling his shirt around in the air and throwing it across the room), but we had a blast as always. These kids know how to groove. They must've gotten it from me. (heehee) :)

Reid looks like a pretty tough guy in this pose
Cute, just like his brothers!
My little hip hop pair!
Macie was struttin her stuff
This "big boy" has his own solo dance party every day!

 Family Time
Smiling with my snuggle bug.
 Although that's it for the pictures, we had so much more going on this month. Visiting with the Korth family for Ashlee Ridge's wedding, two all-day Republican conventions, a goodbye weekend for Clayton and Erika Cravath (we miss you! Come back from Tennessee!), spring break and all of it's adventures, a week long visit with Stephanie Kearl and her adorable boys, and a visit from my parents as we celebrated John and Jaime Davis's BYU graduations. Life has been good and we have been blessed. And we like to party! :) (As you can see below!)

My five boys scrub-a-dub-dub in the bathtub

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Life is beautiful...

...when your friend is a photographer named Raquel. :)

Sweet Baby Pictures
My sweet friend (who just happens to be a WONDERFUL professional photographer) always gives me one free photo shoot as a Christmas gift each year. (I know. Is it an unfair trade or what? I get a $400.00 gift, while she gets a bag of chocolate cinnamon bears.) Raquel is a dream! Well, this year we used it for Luke's newborn photos and headshots of the kids. She made us all look great!

"Luke, I am your father..."
Five little monkeys, smiling on the bed...
Happy family!
We all love little Gus-Gus!
Pretty Macie
Reid looks like a little missionary
Sweet Davis is such a good big brother to Luke

My little bud, Danny J, shows off his "realtor" smile. Cheesy. :)
 I love these kids!

March Madness!

You know that scripture in Jacob that says "... the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream..."? Well, life is FLYING by these days! I feel like I was pregnant yesterday (and I still look like I was pregnant yesterday!), but Luke has been in our home for over a month now! What a whirlwind it has been -- so busy, but full of happy times and good memories. Of course, I can hardly find a free minute to blog, so here is a mostly photographic journal of the last month for the Gunnell Fam.
(see the kid below)
Danny J, needing attention, dumped out a new gallon of milk (our last one!) and filled it with soap. What is he thinking when he does these things?
Since adding baby #5 to the family, many people have asked me what life is like with 5 kids. I can honestly say that I thought it would be a little harder than it is (and it may get harder in the future...) --- but I had such visions of horror before little Luke was born that surprisingly it's been a lot better than I had imagined. :) It's fun to have this sweet little one added to the crew! The hardest part so far? Well, besides having not nearly enough time for each of my kids and my hubby (not to mention time to myself! I wish!), Danny J has been the tough one. He needs mom. He loves mom. He is not getting enough of mom. What is mom's problem? Well, I am surgically attached to a newborn baby 80% of the time. So he's been acting up ("acting up" is a grand understatement) to get attention. And its not just the daily tantrums I'm talking about. The soap in the milk carton above is just one small example of what I'm dealing with. He is creative in his destruction. We've had marker on the couches, pencil drawing on the stairs, a Costco pack of string cheese that had each piece bitten through, poop on his hands and in the carpet, bath toys and sippy cups that were cut up with kitchen shears, many dumped out drawers, croquet mallet dents in the garage door, etc! And that's what he does when I'm feeding Luke. When I'm not with Luke, Danny is trying to wake him up or smothering him or pinching him or biting his big toes off (no joke). So, it's a little bit of a struggle here. Despite Danny's desperate attempts to get attention, I know he loves Luke and I hope (fingers crossed) that they will grow to become great friends and loving brothers someday. Hopefully sooner than later!

Reid, Macie, and Davis pose in Brigham City -- after a fun filled day snow skiing with Daddy
 Danny made use of our Seven Peaks passes this year by taking the kids skiing at Wolf Mountain Resort several times this winter. Here the kids are after a long skiing day, making a detour to Brigham City to take photos for Dad's work. I haven't been out of the house much, so we were all grateful to Dad for making time for the kids to have fun!

The happy gold miners!
What better activity can you think of for St. Patrick's Day than looking for gold? After a busy morning of basketball (Reid), dance competitions (Macie and Reid), bridal shower (Mom and Macie), and rock show (all the boys) -- we came home and went panning for gold. The boys had picked up a special gold panning kit at the Spanish Fork Gem and Mineral Show and brought it home so that we could give it a try. Now we just have to keep our gold safe from those tricky leprechauns! (they made a St. Patrick's Day visit to our house, but we couldn't catch them in Davis's leprechaun trap!)
My lucky little leprechauns

Davis, the gold miner. This gold might end up in his leprechaun trap next year...

The gold flakes we found!

Cute Reid smiles at his pre-birthday celebration. The Cravaths made us a yummy dinner complete with a chocolate chip birthday cake for Reid!
 Reid's 7th birthday was a happy day - complete with breakfast in bed, lots of phone calls and presents from loved ones, treats at school and with his hip-hop class, dinner at In-N-Out, two yummy cakes, and a late night silly movie (Despicable Me). This handsome fella was the center of attention (which he LOVED), and we are so grateful he came to our family seven years ago!
Birthday morning - Macie and Dad made Reid a special breakfast of pancakes and bacon! Sweet sister!

Breakfast in bed -- what a lucky guy!

Whoo-hoo! BYU clothes and a webkin make for a happy birthday boy!

This crazy kid blows out his birthday cupcake. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM.
Smiling with his presents -- new laser tag guns!

Lisa and Robbie
I don't know why we are so lame, but somehow none of our baby blessing pictures turned out. I downloaded 40 blank pictures off our digital camera after the happy blessing day. It stinks. So just imagine Luke looking very daper in his white tux, surrounded by handsome Gunnell and Davis family members. We had the blessing after a wonderful week of Mom Gunnell ("Grammie") visiting and helping with the kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did for us while you were here! We truly appreciate all of the meals, cleaning, laundry, babysitting, and playing with the kids! We love you Grammie! And we are grateful to all who came and supported us for Luke's blessing day. You are awesome!
Grandma Korth and Pops visit at the lunch following church

Grams and Danny after the blessing

Davis enjoyed the cakebites and cookies

I was maybe (maybe?) a little stressed out after all of the blessing preparation. Can you tell?
 Anyhow, March was wonderful and I hope that April will be just as great!