Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fine Art

This is not a glamorous or exciting blog. It's just some cute pictures that my kids drew that I wanted to show off. They are budding Picassos.

Reidy's fabulous illustration of our whole family playing basketball together. He told me that I was the tall skinny one. Whoo-hoo! (Not that anyone in this drawing is fat...) He not only loves playing sports and watching sports, he even draws sports. 100% athlete!

This is one of Macie's latest creations. She started drawing these in October, after my miscarriage. And guess what? She was right on. Because I was already pregnant again. I like how the baby is smiling inside. And how my hands look like flowers. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baby Steps

Ok. Finally got a new blog header. Updated photo, at least. Four months since a blog... Sorry to anyone who actually cared enough to check out our family blog. I think we may have a following of one person. :)  I will try to be better. Not promise. But try. This is my start. I have two minutes to write tonight, and hopefully will be able to post pictures, etc, tomorrow.
Two minutes is not a lot of time. So, I'll cut to the chase. I was called as YW President in August. Danny is still YM Pres. Hence, I am much busier than before. In addition, I have had various health issues over the past few months, and my kids have been sick with about every flu bug and virus in North America. Which makes me even busier... in a not so fun way as with the YW. Oh well. And we lost our camera. Cameras, actually. We have the camera curse. But we just got a new one for Christmas. Cross your fingers that it doesn't drown in Hawaii! So, starting tomorrow, I won't have as many excuses not to blog.
The one thing I need to do before my two minutes are up is send out public props to my hubby. I promised him in November that I would write a blog lauding his superior skills as a husband and father, but (as you can clearly see), I have yet to do so. So, here goes. Danny is the best! He let me fly to San Fransisco in November for my sister Stephanie's baby blessing (her little boy, Brian, is ADORABLE!). Which was pretty cool for starters. While I was gone he played tons with the kids, which was also pretty cool. But what was the BEST, was when I came home Monday morning -- the house was totally SPOTLESS, AND -- (yes, there is more) he worked the whole weekend on my honey-do list! I found leaves raked, laundry folded, and APPLES PICKED AND DRIED. What an amazing man! I love him. And now I've kept my promise. Finally! :)