Friday, July 14, 2006

Our Summertime Fun!

We've been super busy these past few months (you know how the summertime goes), with trips to Lake Powell, San Diego, and Las Vegas, a wedding, a funeral, and a few holidays in between. Here's the short scoop on some of the photos in the latest blogs:

*Reid has begun to feed himself -- VERY INDEPENDENTLY. He does not want any help. He did pretty well with the yogurt, but when mom left the room, the chocolate pudding got a little out of hand!
*Grandma Davey's funeral was a bittersweet experience for us. We were glad that we were able to visit her one last time before she passed away, and thankful for her wonderful legacy. She will be missed. Visiting with Grammie and Pops was a treat for our kids!
*The Salt Lake City Half Marathon was tons of fun (well, kind-of) for Mary. She beat her goal and took 3rd place in her division. Thanks to Danny, Macie, Reidy, Ange, Mike, Elizabeth and Katelyn for cheering her on!
*Our San Diego vacation with Mary's family was great. We hit the zoo, the beach, the waterpark, and a Padre's game. Macie is still talking about Uncle John and Uncle Brian going to see Jaba the Hippo.
*The Korth Reunion at Lake Powell was short and sweet. Two houseboats = twice the fun! Macie and Elizabeth were twins in matching lifejackets. Look at the fish!
*We continued our 4th of July tradition with the Stadium of Fire (highlight was Taylor Hicks, of American Idol fame), the Freedom Festival parade and carnival, and a family fireworks show! There's no place like Provo for the 4th!
*We'll post pictures of Stephanie and Will's wedding as soon as we can get our new video camera figured out (the pictures are trapped on the memory card!). We are thrilled for the happy couple!

Next week we send John off to the MTC (He's going to the Lisbon, Portugal mission) and then we head off to Portland and Seattle for another family reunion. We'll try and update you as often as possible! We love you all!

Summertime Pictures 1

Summertime Pictures 2

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Salt Lake Temple

Our Blog Begins!

Let's see if this works . . .
Our family is trying to catch up with all of the other technology savvy people out there, and do regular updates for our friends and family via the web (i.e.- this blog!). So, following in the example of all the brilliant people we know, we have signed up for this little blogspot webpage. Stay posted for many future updates and pictures!
If you want to have some fun, you can access our old family webpage that was created for a BYU class a few years ago. The link is