Friday, July 04, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words ...

I hope that the title of this blog is true, because this week I finally decided that I am so behind on blogging that I am just going to post a whole bunch of our most recent (past 2 months, that is) pictures and let you figure out what we've been up to. As is apparent from looking at our blog, I am a bad blogger. :( Sad, I know. I just haven't found the time to update our little family journal the way I'd like to. So I've skipped it entirely for a few months. We've still had FHE, read great conference talks, and had plenty of accomplishments -- I just haven't immortalized them on the Internet. So sorry. But I do hope you enjoy this latest (and greatest) installment of photos and short blurbs. :)


The kids, Danny, and I all had a blast visiting Uncle Tyler's ranch near Kanab. We hit Cedar Breaks on the way there, and enjoyed hiking and four-wheeling in the hills. Baby Sarah was a doll (as always), and it was super fun to see Grams and Grampy too. Thanks, Tyler! We love you!


Reid finally decided to potty-train himself. After two weeks without any accidents (well, I guess he did have one accident when he saw the snake in the garden...), we took him to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate. He really really loves that place, although you'd never guess it from the photo we took there!


Here I am in the Salem Triathalon and the Provo Triathalon. I'm proud to say that I did very well in the Salem Tri, mainly because they cancelled the bike. I beat Danny's partner Kimball by quite a bit, which was kind-of fun (I'm not competitive at all... :) ). The Provo Tri, a few weeks later, took much longer than I expected -- due to a stinky bike leg. But, on a positive note, I did have the best cheering section out there. Thanks to Grammie and Pops, Lisa, Melissa, Ange, Mike, Lizzie, Kate, Cassidy, Danny, Macie, Reid, and Davis for cheering me on. You're the best!


We loved the Gunnell Family Reunion, held at the Laketown Lodge at Bear Lake, UT. You can see the fun we had at the family luau, out on the lake (watch out for that crazy driver -- he's just like his dad!), and playing in the sand. What kind of bad parent would let their baby eat sand and get it in their nose and mouth...? Oops.


I think Danny had a good father's day. We sure tried. He is the best dad! Here you can see Reid feeding Danny grapes as he relaxes on the couch. The kids also posed with the homemade tie they made for Dad. He was a sport, and wore his "superdad" tie all day long!
I am so grateful for the wonderful father that Danny is, and for the wonderful fathers and grandfathers that we each have. Dads, you rock! Happy belated father's day!


Amy and David requested some funny family photos, so we took these and made a special collage for them. Aren't we lovely?