Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To You (Part One)

This is our birthday tribute to Pops, who happens to share the same birthday (TODAY!!) with his grandson (our little Reid Steven).

We love you tons and tons and are so grateful for the wonderful father and grandfather you are to our family! Thanks for setting such a great example for us, and for all of your love. If you were here with us, we'd present you with the coveted pig trophy. Three cheers for Pops - hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Actually, he's not really Irish (well, maybe 1/56 Irish or something like that), but who could resist gazing into those baby blue eyes and kissing those chubby cheeks?

Baby Danny is especially irresistable when he is chasing me around the room. I love his new little crawl -- he is a wild animal, this one. And a dang cute little leprechaun too!

Big brothers and big sis enjoy a St. Paddy's Day meal in their green PJs. Nothin' like green eggs and ham!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Ummm... no excuse for waiting until March 2010 to blog. I'll try to just jump back in as if I've never left off. Here are the Gunnell family winners and losers for the past few weeks:

*Macie: Her sweet PeeWee Company took first place in all three of their dances at the Dance America competition at Thanksgiving Point! She danced her heart out. :)
*Davis: He won the coveted pig trophy for spectacular eating of his dinner. Our once-picky boy has become the champion of the dinner table.
*Reid: This sporty little cutie was obcessed with the Olympics almost as much as his daddy was. He hit the slopes at Sundance on Saturday, and is well on his way to a gold medal in the Winter Games someday. :) In the car, he told me that if I wanted to be a good ski-jumper, I needed to learn how to "slow my rotation." Sure thing.
*Danny: The cougars spanked the Utes and TCU last week. Good times. He also beat me in our gameroom basketball shoot-out. Dang it!

*Macie: Adios, front tooth. Our smiling sweetie bears a striking resemblance to a jack-o-lantern!
*The Cougars: Against New Mexico, at home last week. It was a sad time...but not for long. A fun dinner out with Grandma and Grandpa almost made us forget the loss. Let's hope we beat them at the MWC tournament!
*Mary: Although I'm technically a winner after a planning and hosting a successful New Beginnings Program at our home, I was a colossal failure when it came to potty-training Davis last week. He LIKES being wet-and-sticky!?! Such a quirky kid. I think I'm quitting for good. He can wear diapers until he's 18.
*The home teachers: While cleaning up a VERY messy kitchen the day after the New Beginnings program, I jokingly asked the kids who came into our house and made it so messy. Reid exclaimed, "I know Mom! It was those Home Teachers! They messed up our kitchen!" Sorry, guys. Looks like you got a bad rap.

*** Editor's Note: Since this blog was initially posted in the beginning of March, we've added a few winners and losers to the list:
*Macie: Lost ANOTHER front tooth and is completely toothless!
*Cougars: UNLV took them to town at the MWC tournament. The curse of the Thomas & Mack?
*Mary: Winner. Why? I got to be lazy all weekend while visiting my parents in Las Vegas for the tournament. Hot-tubbing. Bowling. Out-to-eat. Shopping. Grandparents spoiling me and my kids. :) I love my family!