Sunday, February 17, 2008

Christmas, New Year's, Valentines ...

CANCUN - (Davis, the beach bum, Danny and I snorkel)

CHRISTMAS- (Davis + Grams, Macie, the fam...)
JANUARY - Skiing at Sundance and Temple Square lights

NEW YEAR'S PARTY (Steph + Will, Reidy-boy, All of us!)
CHINESE NEW YEAR - Melissa visiting, whoo-hoo!

VALENTINE'S DAY (Aren't those kids cute!)

OK.'s been a million, trillion years since we've updated our blog. I know, I know, I know -- I'm a slacker. I do have some good excuses (1- our office was hit by a nuclear bomb during our basement remodel (Really. Didn't you see the newsflash about the N-bomb in west Provo?), and it was hazardous to my health to enter the room and attempt to use the computer. 2- Reid thought our computer was a pinball machine like the ones at Chuck-E-Cheese and broke it by inserting TONS OF QUARTERS (true story -- see above blog). 3- We had so much happen this winter that I felt I needed to chronicle it all on the blog, and I became so overwhelmed that I imploded (OK, I didn't really implode, or I couldn't write this now, could I? But I almost did. ;) ) Anyway... here we are now, back in the world of blogging, and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with life and still have time to see what's going on in the lives of all our friends and family.
Since actually writing about everything that has happened this winter will take entirely too long and be entirely inadequate (see excuse #3 - I don't want to implode, after all) I am just going to include a lot of pictures and hope that you enjoy them. Hopefully future blogs will be frequent enough to actually include explanations of what wonderful things are going on in our little family. (keep your fingers crossed. I'm way out of blogging practice...) Anyway, here are some photos of Cancun in Novmeber, snowmen with Daddy, Christmas Day with the Davis's, Temple Square with Steph and Will, Chinese New Year's with Melissa, skiing at Sundance, and Valentines Day. We've had such a fun winter, and are grateful for all of the wonderful memories we've made!