Sunday, July 25, 2010


July 24th is a holiday in the Gunnell household -- not for Pioneer Day, but because it is Miss Macie's birthday! We've told her for years that the whole state throws a party just for her -- parades, fireworks, carnivals, rodeos -- we'll pull out the stops for our little girl's big day.

This year we celebrated with a special birthday breakfast (cinnamon rolls), a day at Seven Peaks (with Uncle John/Alex/Elizabeth/Katelyn too!), sno-cones for everyone, a princess movie, a fruit snack "tea party," Macie's favorite crock-pot gravy dinner, a Barbie Mermaid Tale birthday cake, and a cousins sleep-over. It was a blast!!

Look at that beautiful toothless grin!

Macie models a gift from Aunt Amy and Uncle David. I really like this shirt!

The kids really enjoyed their "tea party" out on the deck. Davis was serving fruit snacks on a tray while Macie was pouring water into the goblets and tea cups. Reid sipped his drink with his baby finger in the air. It was quite an elegant affair.

We feel so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter -- on the inside and the outside. Macie is such a sweet big sister, a super smart reader, mommy's special helper, a lovely dancer, a talented artist/musician/swimmer, and she has such a sweet and strong little testimony. We love her tons and tons and couldn't ask for a better daughter!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Danny's Number One!

Here is our sweet little one year old guy. Before he got to his football cake ....

...and here is the messy man post-cake. Watch-out Dad! Danny's going to slime you! (although our camera man got away just in the nick of time, Danny managed to get chocolate cake just about everywhere else -- all over his new shirt, high-chair, bib, floor, Mommy, in his hair, eyes, ears, etc. -- Way to go, dude!)

We celebrated this little stud-muffin's big B-day with Aunt Amy and Uncle David, who joined us for an impromptu sleepover Friday night after the Bees Game. Danny was excited to get some handsome new threads, new baby books, a toy cell phone, a snazzy kid drum, and a deluxe Radio Flyer Wagon. This boy is easy to please! We had a lazy morning breakfast of scrambled eggs (his favorite), and then pigged out on McDonald's fries for lunch. Lots of books, a wagon ride, swimming at the neighbors, and plenty of playtime made for many happy kids. Later, of course, came the chocolate football cake. It was a great day.

"A present for me?? Yipee!"
"Rollin' in my new ride -- thanks, Grams and Grampy! This is one cool wagon!"
"Didn't you know I have mad hops? The Jazz have tried to recruit me, but mom says I have to stop breast-feeding before I'm eligible for the draft. I thought I'd show off my dunking skills to Amy and David while we were at McDonalds."

Danny is such a joy to have in our family. Although he rarely gets the attention he deserves, he is such a happy and sweet little guy. He loves to snuggle, especially with Mommy. He really does give the BEST baby hugs and kisses. Reading books is another one of his favorite pastimes -- and although he is a man of few words ("Mama" and "Gaga"), I swear he says "again" ("A-Gee") after I read his favorite books. Danny loves to give high-fives, mess up the DVD cupboard, brush his teeth, bite toes/fingers/rocks/mommy -- HARD, pinch my arms, pull Macie's hair, climb in the dishwasher, go up and down the stairs, throw balls, play basketball (no joke), dance to the music, play tickle-monster and peek-a-boo, laugh and roughhouse with his big brothers and sister, take baths, and crawl in the dirt so he can eat mud. He is such a joy (especially when he's not teething!), and I can't imagine our family without him. We are blessed to have you, baby Danny!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wild Weekend

This past weekend was a wild one -- Mom(me) hosted a fabulous book-club retreat at our home Friday and Saturday (hereafter referred to as "Books Gone Wild"), whilst Danny and the kids went camping and exploring at Goblin Valley. I've been forbidden to post pictures of the retreat, but we had a great time shopping, watching movies, playing games, boating at the Lake (wakeboarding and tubing), and eating YUMMY food! I have awesome friends!
Danny and the kiddos had an awesome time too (as you can see in all of the pics). They made the trek down to Goblin Valley where they camped out, told scary stories about "Gobby" the toenail-eating Goblin, ate smores and hot dogs, climbed and played in the valley of the Goblins, and visited the geyser. My family is soooo great! The kids came home happy/dirty and were proud to present me with several "very cool" rocks.
Two bad things happened this weekend: (1) Danny got a speeding ticket coming home - which also happened to be his second ticket in 3 days! ... and (2) Poor baby Danny spent a good portion of Saturday without Mommy (maybe I should say "poor babysitter"?!) I love that little guy and will have to give him some extra Mommy-time this week!
Our past few weekends have been equally wild and fabulous:
-Lake Powell with the Davis family was incredible, as always. I could live permanently on that houseboat. Thanks to my parents for a great time!
-Reid learned to wakeboard like a pro, and Danny practiced some high jumps.
-We enjoyed a sleepover with the Halladays and a day out on the lake. We are grateful for such awesome friends!
-Our yard has been progressing. It is going to be SUPER COOL. We just really wish it was already done!
-We celebrated the Fourth with an impromptu party at our home. Our view is so great that people couldn't resist hanging out at our house.
-We met my parents in Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival and finally found a Shakespeare play that Danny enjoyed ("Much Ado About Nothing").

Life is good for the Gunnells.

***For all of you wondering about Davis and his health since the near-drowning, I'm happy to report that he seems to be almost back to normal. Not the fearless, brave and daring Davis that we used to love, but healthy and strong and just as lovable. This morning he and Reid spent twenty minutes in the playroom shooting with their bows and arrows -- while completely naked. :)
Tomorrow we are attempting a second swimming lesson for Davis. Danny will remain with him during the lesson -- as I, unfortunately, can hardly bear to think of it. Pray for the sweet boy, and for his mommy too!