Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Preggo Picture

Although I've been postponing the time when I had to do this, I've had entirely too many requests for pictures of my pregnant belly. So, here it is. Baby Davis in all his glory . . . and me with 2 1/2 months still to go! Lately I've been feeling as if my middle is going to explode ... so I hope I can endure this to the end!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a little Valentine's Day shout-out from our cute kidlets! We hope that you all had fun (we enjoyed the BYU Basketball game as a family...how romantic! ha! I guess it proves that I really love Danny, to for-go a romantic dinner date for a sporting event instead...)

Monday, February 05, 2007

A New Year, A New Update . . .

Although it has officially been 2007 for over a month now, I haven't updated our little family blog, and I've been feeling a little guilty. So, even though I have little to report, here is our "new"- new year's update!
As you can see above, we started off the new year (or finished off the old year, however you choose to look at it), with a fun family trip to Disneyland with the Davis family. We'd traveled to So. Cali for my Grandpa Sandy's 90th birthday party, and decided to hit the Magical Kingdom the next day. Macie and Reid were both sick (it was soooo sad), but they still felt well enough to enjoy the "happiest place on earth." Reid and Daddy's favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear (shown above), and Macie liked It's a Small World and Autotopia. I got super sick on the Teacups, and would not recommend them for pregnant women (I may have been smiling in the picture above, but that was BEFORE the teacups had started. I assure you that I was not smiling when they were done.). Overall, it was a blast. We are grateful to the Davis family for taking us there!
Since we've been back in Utah, we've had LOTS of COLD WEATHER. In fact, we weren't able to take off our Christmas lights until last weekend, because we've had constant snow on our roof! Yesterday it reached 44 degrees, and as far as I know, it's the first day we've broken freezing here in Provo for a month! Yuck. I don't enjoy the snow and cold very much, but Danny has made it a fun time for the kids (at least someone enjoys it!). Most every weekend he takes the kids out sledding, and they've made several snowmen this winter. We still have one giant snowman that has been standing in our backyard since before Christmas! I did have fun 2 weeks ago when we tied the sled to the back of our car with a rope and went "sledding" around the frozen streets in our neighborhood. It was a clever idea, and I'm glad that Danny convinced me to try it out. :)
Last week Danny was in Texas for his bi-annual Oil and Gas Convention, and I was home-bound here with two VERY SICK children. I mentioned that Macie and Reid were sick at Christmas-time, and unfortunately, Reid has been mostly sick since then as well. We've taken them to the doctor and they've been on antibiotics and other medications, but only Macie has seemed to recover well. Poor little Reid has become skin and bones and I am worried about our "Big Fella" -- he's definitely not "big" anymore. Still, he is mostly cheerful -- when he's not coughing or experiencing GI troubles. He is such a joy to have at home. Reid is talking more and more each day, and is very snuggly and loving. He has also recently begun saying the prayers at dinner and bedtime, which has been very fun for Danny and I. Macie continues to delight us as well, although her independence sometimes exasperates us. It is difficult having 3 "bosses" in the house -- Danny, Me, and Macie! She has recently decided that she loves to dress-up, and I included a picture of her last week in the Cinderella costume I made for her birthday. She's has lots of fun pretending to be a princess, and can't wait until Mommy finishes decorating her new "princess" bedroom.
Well, that's about it for our little family. I guess the only other news (and it's really good news) is that they've decided to keep my due date at May 8th. I guess I am measuring right-on, and the ultrasound tech that said they would move my date back 2 weeks only used the abdomen to measure the baby's gestation -- instead of taking into account the limb length or skull size. Brilliant -- way to scare an expecting mother. Anyway -- for now they tell me to stick with the 8th -- so I am. And I'm very happy about it too. :)
We hope and pray that all of our family and friends are doing well. Please keep us up-t0-date on your lives as well!