Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Grass Is Always Greener...

....when it's planted in our yard. Yep. That's right. Although we'd grown AWFULLY fond of our weeds and rocks, we finally made the transition to grass and flower beds. Hooray! It was a spectacular birthday present last Thursday, and we can't wait for another week to pass so that we can walk on it!
We've had so much family fun to update on from the past few months, but this post is just to celebrate our yard. That's it. Whoo-hoo -- we really are celebrating! This yard deserves the coveted pig trophy. After living in a construction zone since May (Hah! Never believe it when your contractor tells you it'll be done in 2 weeks! Try 6 months...), we feel so blessed to be able to dine on our gorgeous wrap-around deck and admire our plants and green grass. Every time I look out the back window I have to do a double-take... green seems so strange! But we love it!