Sunday, April 22, 2007

Down at the Ranch

*The view from one of our 4-wheeling excursions*

I had to post some fun pictures from our recent (Easter weekend) trip down to the Foote Family ranch near Kanab, UT. We had such a blast, and are super grateful to Katie and Tyler and the Foote family for inviting us to come!
Highlights of the weekend trip included 4-wheeling around the Virgin river, in-and-out of the gorge and up and down mountains (Danny and I had a "special" 4-wheeler -- the Rhino -- which was basically like a super fancy golf cart with great shocks and 4WD...perfect for a pregnant lady with two little kiddies in tow!), fun hikes down and up steep hills and in slot canyons, a homemade Easter egg hunt, marshmellow shooting and ring toss games, beautiful star-gazing, and WONDERFUL company and food. Macie ate so many pancakes while we were there that I thought she was going to explode (and she kept on saying, "Mommy, I really like the ranch. They have DELICIOUS food here!"). It was an awesome weekend, and Danny can't stop asking, "When are we going to the ranch again?"

*Kenneth Linge borrowed Tyler's camera for a moment to shoot the curves of my belly against the curves of the canyon. They assured me that although I cringe at the curves of my belly now, I will like this picture later. We'll see...

*Macie's cheesy smile in her "My Daddy Loves Me" shirt -- it's her favorite item of clothing lately!

*Reidy boy insisted on trying on every helmet (all 6 of them!) while playing outside! He looked like a little live bobble-head doll.

*Our "Easter Bunny" get's ready to hide tons of eggs in the field for the kids to find. Aunt Katie brought chocolate eggs too, so the kids were really excited for the hunt!

*Reid and Macie donned their bunny ears to hunt for the Easter eggs. What a pair of cuties!

*Macie and Uncle Tyler cheese it up for the camera, while Aunt Katie smiles by the "Rhino".

*The awesome night sky is captured by Tyler on camera.