Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I've always thought of 11:11 as a magical time on the clock. Whenever I see it, I make a wish. Eleven was my lucky volleyball number my Junior year of High School, and it is also Danny's lucky number. AND... ELEVEN years ago today, December 11th, Danny and I met! Crazy how time has flown by, and here we are 11 years later -- living and loving our life in Provo with our 5 awesome kids!
Every year since we met, we've always celebrated this special day with a visit to the places we went together that first night...

IHOP and Belmont Hot-tubbing!

Yuck. IHOP. Why did we even go there 11 years ago? I'm pretty sure that it was Jared Hoyt's fault.

The kiddos LOVE hot-tubbing, just like their Dad. And I still pass the swimsuit test (which really just means that I wear a one-piece!).
 It's a little different now, with 5 kids, but still good. :) I actually hate IHOP, and so does Danny -- and I just cringe at spending any of our "eating-out money" to eat the stuff they call "food" there -- but we had to keep the tradition alive. So, tonight we just ordered hot chocolate and ice cream. :) Then we crashed the BYU student apartments to warm up from the cold (and, Brrrr! ... it finally is cold here in Utah!). It was a good night, and I'm sure thankful for that freezing cold night 11 years ago when I first met my hubby. Eleven is a magical number!

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