Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Another Halloween, another family theme! This year we were the "Tangled Family" from Disney's Rapunzel.  Danny = Flynn Rider, Mary = Mother Gothel; Macie = Rapunzel; Reid = Snuggly Duckling Mime; Davis = Snuggly Duckling Warrior Baker; DJ = Knight riding Maximus


It is truly scary that I haven't blogged since May, and now it is past Halloween! It is scary that we have 13 people (9 of whom are 9 and younger!) living in our home! It is scary that Barack Obama won the election (truly, truly scary.). Yep, scary. That's my theme, and I'm sticking to it. I may or may not post again sometime in the near future. :) And if/when I do, I am soooo far behind in chronicling the Gunnell family's going-ons that my future post(s) may be scarily long!


Gill Family said...

Mary! You are so CLEVER it's SCARY! Love the costumes again this year!(sorry I missed them in real time!)

J said...

Oh wow, I love your costumes!! Keep the posts coming!!

Leah said...

Great family picture!!